Holistic Development

Affective & Social Development (Social Skills)

Holistic Development

Aesthetic Development (Aesthetics)
Moral Development (Ethics)
Physical Development (Physique)

Holistic Development

Cognitive & Language Development (Intellect)

Our Team

  • Prabhjot Kaur Ph.D.; Educational Psychology and Child Psychology. Ex Director : International Council of Education, USA & She has authored 30 books/papers for educational implementation and has conducted workshops for principals, teachers, parents and students along with corporate Executives for Educational Enhancement, Self-Empowerment. She has been associated with Private and Government School, Ministry of Education in India and Scotland. Dr. Kaur has represented Asia in International Reading Association for over 15 Years.

  • Mettle J.S.; Accomplished educationist and strategic leader in the field of school education, Director Education in Schools, has been founder Principal and having 20 years experience in showcasing excellent academic results and tremendous improvement in all spheres and perfection on all domains. Having degree in education, M.A. psychology, M.B.A. Human Resource, Ph.D. and L.L.B., PGDIT & BL, NLP Practitioner and master in English.

  • Ms Priya Sangwan; She is curriculum design expert, innovator educational practitioner, writer & trainer for best students engagement activities. A lifelong learner and passionate educator and learning enhancement specialist and an academic leader cum assessor of more than 100 schools. Having rich insights into pre schools education domains.

  • Dr. Sapna Agrawal; She is an astute academician, dynamic and socially active with qualitative experience of 16 years in knowledge management and Armed forces Background with core competency in leadership skills and high values. Over 16 years experience in Children education, Training and development, Knowledge management and Child Psychology. She believe that Education reforms & innovative methodology can create wonders.

Nurture and prepare children for futuristic education.

To lay the foundation of Excellency and a system of imparting 'Quality Education' which encompasses not only knowledge but also enhances the talents, instill values and life skills necessary for the holistic development of the child.