A few words About Us

The purpose of school is to teach wisdom and to provide children with a conducive learning environment, which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is endowed with a unique set of attributes and abilities, that need to be nurtured so that they can blossom. It is well known fact that a strong foundation in the lower classes plays a vital role in forging life-long learning competencies. At this budding stage feelings of love and care are cherished to make the toddlers feel at ease and comfort. It is ensured that each child must feel happy and excited to come to school with a motivation to explore and understand their environment. So The Wisdom imparts an education that fosters academic excellence and all-round development, and ensures the well-being of the child. We also believe in Holistic approach, Holistic curriculum, Holistic Development and also understand that starting a school is a new and exciting experience for your child and, in many cases, for you as parents too. We want to make this transition as easy as possible and enjoyable for every child. Our caring and committed educators are our pillars of strength and our excellent educational programmes and innovative education practices are complemented by state-of-the art facilities and resources, and our focus on play way co-curricular activities & facilities for children’s holistic education. We are aiming to improve everything we do and our goal is to make a future ready school for your child.
Thanking You
Dharambir Singh


 Educators create gardens in their classrooms. They grow Love, Hope, Good Learning and Joy. At The Wisdom, happiness is a tradition and the child is the nucleus of the entire teaching learning process. Here the educators are committed to excellence, determined to nourish talent and dedicated to instill values.
 Every possible care is taken to ensure that our mentoring staff is of the highest quality in terms of knowledge, skills set and values & attitudes, and passion for teaching. The role of educators is much beyond class room teaching.
 We understand that children of age 2 to 6 need to be actively engaged in 12 different areas to be strong in their brain cell and develop holistically.

FACILITIES & THE LEARNING AREAS  International Curriculum
 All the world class facilities to facilitate learning.
 Wide and Air-conditioned classrooms.
 Comfortable, Colourful and attractive furniture with seamless edge binding.
 Full furnished Activity Zone
 Outdoor Multi Player Station & Farm House
 Digital Classroom, Performance stage
 Montessori Lab, Kids Library & Concept Center
 Baby theater/Mini Theater, Doll House
 Play House, Story Telling Corner
 Mini Mall & Resource Center
 Dance Floor with Mirrors & Music Room
 Celebration Area & Child’s Creativity Corner
 Sand Pit, Water Pool & Swings & Slides

It is scientifically proven fact that first 6 Years of every child are most important to be a well-rounded personality The Wisdom believes that children learn best through direct experience, play way and exploration. Here children learn to think, reason, question and experiment as they participate in hands on activities with a variety of open-ended materials. The holistic curriculum covers “Values and Attitudes”, “Skills” and “ Knowledge”, which promotes a balanced development in children through approaches of “Real-life Themes”, “Integrated Approach” and “Blended Learning through Play”.
 Grounded on Global Practices and our principles of Individual Focus’ and complete with self’, we strive to develop child’s individual talent, creativity and communication skills which are essential for his success in future world, and develop right habits that enable child to adopt a life style which creates a balance among all dimensions of life and attain complete wellness (body, mind, heart and soul). Altogether they act as the greatest unifying strong foundation for responsible Global Citizens of tomorrow.


Dear Parents
Research says that the brain is the only unfinished organ at birth. Babies are born with 100 billion nerve cells, Only a small number of them are connected at birth in the growth on through with, interaction with others the child’s brain forges and estimated 1000 trillion synapses (connections) and toddlers/kids/children learn at greater speed during their formative years. So the parents partnership in this great journey for tomorrow is most important. The home is the place where child gets first Education and Tanning in citizenship. At the age of 2 ++ s/he is introduced to a new home with second parents………… it’s a wonderful journey from childhood to adulthood. Now my question is ….. what are the expectations of yours from school? It is sure that A person’s life depends on the foundations s/he is brought and bred. The first foundation are the parents and the second and more important foundation is the school, the child goes to …. So parent are our active partners in ensuring the best all-round development of the children. We expect to the parents to play their role effectively for that there are some inputs.

Preliminary Instructions for new Entrants:
1. The child should start coming to the school on the first coming Monday or Thursday after her admission.
2. The ‘Admission Slip’ should be presented in the office on the first day of joining.
3. For gradual transition, for the first three days, the child will attend the school from 10a.m. to 11.30a.m. The parents are required to drop an pick up the child themselves.
4. Attach a handkerchief in from of the shirt or pullover of the child daily.
5. The child should carry a small bag (with the child’s name on it) with napkin and a spare panty in its pocket.
6. The child should be sent ot the school in proper school uniform from the day of her joining the school.
7. The child’s diary will be kept by the teacher in the school and will be sent home in the child’s school bag on every Friday. The diary should be returned every Monday after reading & signing at the bottom or the page.
8. If you wish to avail the school transport service, meet the concerned driver to know/explain the details regarding timing, address etc. Get your child’s name entered in the ‘Transport List’ in the office. From the day the child’s name is included in the list, the child will be sent home by the school transport.